Message from Bishop & First Lady Jones





     As KC Chiefs fans, First Lady Santa and I did not get to celebrate a victory last Sunday! But, praise God, there was much to rejoice about the culmination of CTC’s                          “21 Days in 2021 to Breakthrough To God” and “Super Sunday!”   The testimonies were awesome, the Communion Observance was uplifting and we trust the Word of God was strengthening. Overall, we trust you can “look back in amazement at what God has done in your heart and what He has revealed to you (Stovall Weems).”


     But did you know this special season can be a “commencement” to the rest of your year, rather than a “culmination” that doesn’t re-occur until this time next year? Simply put, what’s the best way to “Celebrate Our Victories?”  We suggest three (3):


   1. Be REPENTANT … Regularly:  The deeper our walk with the Lord, the more sensitive we become to our ongoing need for cleansing and repentance.


  2. Be REFRESHED … Continually: The deeper our walk with the Lord, the greater there should be a desire for ongoing seasons of refreshing and renewal.


3. Be RESTORED … Divinely:  We need the Lord to restore that which the enemy has ‘ravished’ and ‘ransacked’ in our lives, our families and yes, even the church.


Let’s Keep The Celebration Going!


In Him,

Bishop Lindsay E. Jones

First Lady Santa C. Jones